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Here at Angeles City Flying Club, we have always promoted aviation whenever we could. With our enthusiastic, experienced members, we have developed the Philippines first

Ultralight Flight Discovery Program

This program has been designed and aligned with standards established in the US, Europe and Australia, so once you complete our Program you will need very little additional training to be fully certified to fly these types of aircraft in other countries around the world.  Completing our Program will ensure your confidence to fly Ultralight and Light Sport aircraft where the skies the limit.

This truly is an opportunity of a lifetime to expand your adventures to the skies by taking to the controls of one of our professionally maintained Light Sports Aircraft.

Quicksilver Hi Speed
Drifter Ultralight ready to go
Quicksilver Ultralight Takeoff

Basics of Aviation

Covering various aviation subjects that are foundations to flying safely and proficiently; you will gain the confidence to plan, manage and enjoy your flying adventures to come.

One On One Coaching​

Making sure that the program is the safest and most enjoyable possible; our Commercially Licensed coaches will make sure you are looked after, every step of the way.

Flight Experience

Take the controls almost immediately and experience what flying is all about first hand; then progress and build confidence to fly on your own to truly enjoy this adventure.

For more information and promotions for this program, please visit our dedicated  Ultralight Flight Discovery Program Website

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