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Test yourself

1.Which control surface controls a plane's yaw?



2.Your plane has a push prop turning counter-clockwise. In which direction will the plane pull at take off due to the P-factor?

Plane pulls to the    Result:


3.What's the minimum requirement to do your flight checks?



4. You take off from runway 30 and and continue straight. Visibility is worse than expected and you decide to return to the airfield. At what bearing is your airfield?

Compass bearing: deg.   Result:


5. In a turn your stall speed will..   Result:


6. You see a plane coming towards you.

What do you do?   Result:


7. Your plane has a side-by-side cockpit with a push prop (the centre of gravity is behind you). You fly alone and find it is well-trimmed. Now your fat friend flies with you. While re-trimming you check the trim tab on the elevator. In which direction must it move?

Trim tab has to move   Result:


8. You have to climb over an obstacle ahead of you. How do you clear the obstacle best and with maximum margin?



9. Airtraffic control advises you to climb quickly to a higher altitude. How do reach the new altitude in the shortest time?