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ACFC t-shirt and cap

Let your friends know where you've been. Put on an ACFC t-shirt on a rainy day to bring back memories of 600ft over a rice field in a tiny plane. Get one of our unique "sira" blouses for girls. Wear an ACFC cap to cut the sun glare when you fly west at 16:45.

You can buy t-shirts, caps, stickers and many other things at our office. These pages show a selection of what we have.

ACFC caps

Baseball caps with the original ACFC logo in coloured embroidery. P200

ACFC caps


ACFC pilot caps, military cut. Embroidered designs. P265

Pilot Caps


ACFC T-Shirts

Vanishing - with front and back design. Available as T-shirt and blouse. T-shirts have a side pocket (P280) blouses are without pocket (P270)

Vanishing t-shirt design


Cockpit - T-shirt with front and back design. P270

Cockpit T-Shirt


Other T-shirt designs - Choose from our always increasing variety of designs. P270

Other T-shirts


ACFC blouse

Choose from many different styles, including our famous sira style. We hand-print all blouses and then heat-set the dye, so the designs last a long time and many washing cycles. The sira blouses we then ruin, also by hand.

All blouses cost 270 pesos. (Please note that every sira blouse is different)

ACFC blouse



Stickers for all - P150



Sticker for the brave only - free. This sticker only goes to those who have flown in one of our ultralight planes

Sticker for flyers